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End of Summer Must-Haves

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

I love season-less style more than anything, and pieces that you can take from one season to the next effortlessly, simply by styling them differently. This transitional time of year is one of my favourites; although it's getting cooler and I struggle to let go of summer, I love, for example, matching summer dresses and long, light skirts with chunky knits and oversized trench coats. Discover below an edit of some of my favourite end-of-summer staples and pre-fall favourites. From versatile midi dresses and season-less flats, to cropped cardigans and oversized coats, we've curated a selection of timeless and classic essentials that will see you through every season, and never go out of style. These staples are things I've rotated in my wardrobe for years, and are never trend-lead. Finding these kinds of pieces that really feel like a fit for your personal style means you'll invest in longer-lasting pieces you'll love and wear forever, and won't feel daunted at this time of year when navigating both the changing weather and changing trends, too.


Cardigans are great for the this time of year and typically start coming out with us in the evenings as the days get shorter and the weather cooler. Further into Autumn, they provide a versatile option that can easily be worn over summer dresses or tank tops, before the need for chunky layering really kicks in. This year, I am really into cropped round neck cardigans, oversized cardigans, striped knits, neutral tones, monochrome combos and big buttons.

Midi Skirts

Midi skirts are making way for their slightly longer, more full-length and sophisticated older sister. I never personally loved the cut of midi skirts that stop mid-calf, and have enjoyed discovering so many pieces from brands I love that have a slightly oversized fit, and feel somehow more effortless to wear. As summer draws to a close, linen and cotton skirts offer breathable options that aren't too heavy, but moving into cooler climates, you'll find double layered options, and thicker fabrics like tweed and wool. Again, I love monochrome if you're going to invest in a few staples, and have a few favourites in black, cream, white and khaki or camel. Dress them down with a shirts or oversized knitwear, and dress them up with a tailored top or fitted blazer. My shoe of choice? A pointed slingback kitten heal, or a full heel for more formal occasions.

Ballet Flats & Loafers

Bringing with them so much nostalgia, ballet flats are back and this time, not just in the dance studio. I've always loved this simplistic shoe; the likes of Brigitte Bardot, Sienna Miller and Kate Moss amongst some of my favourite style icons who've always given them their seal of approval in the most effortless way. They offer a chic, elegant look, but one that say's "I'm not trying to hard". They offer comfort and practicality, and bring with them an air of "Je ne sais quoi". They're sophisticated and feminine yet at the same time, super relaxed and "off-duty". These days, I love pairing them with a masculine, oversized jean, tailored shorts and full length skirts. And for a more masculine option, loafers are another go-to shoe this time of year; easy to style, comfortable, durable, and forever classic and timeless.

Trench Coats

I've had a trench coat in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember. They just work. Personally, it took me a while to find the perfect one, and whilst many of them look the same, there is a kind of art to finding the right length, size, cut, button detail, stitch and lining; in my opinion. To me, a trench should be relatively long, especially if you're tall. The buttons should feel concealed and subtle, and also match well with the main colour of the trench. For me, my staples colourways are camel and black. I also think a cream trench can be super chic, and am leaning towards dark burgundy, dark khaki and light sage / olive colours, this year. But a camel option would be my first choice, and a black one never fails.

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