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Oversized Coats to Make a Statement Without Making an Effort

It doesn't get much better than wrapping up in a huge coat when the weather begins to turn bitter. In fact, the truth is, Autumn and Winter remind me of waking up whilst it's still dark outside, and that's nowhere near my idea of fun. Having to put together an outfit when all I want to do is crawl back into bed, most times any chance of a put-together outfit went quickly out the window and got replaced by large oversized jumpers and layers and layers of everything. I've always found this season hard to transition into, pining for simpler summer times requiring one very to-the-point piece that does it all. But, in fact, it's quite simple. Get the coat right, and the rest is secondary.

A good coat lasts a lifetime, and if you invest in quality pieces, they'll last even longer. I find classic coats are some of the most special pieces handed down through families or found in vintage stores. They have the ability to make such a statement, whilst also being practical and simplistic, making them versatile for all kinds of outfits and occasions.

This edit is dedicate to my personal favourite; the over, oversized coat. Since one of my firsts (from House of Dagmar), the obsession has gone from strength to strength, and this season, I've already got four new colour ways to add to my collection.

Another note; accessorise your winter staples. To me, a bold coat does the talking, and whilst most of your outfit is hidden beneath, you have pretty much a blank canvas to accessorise. My advice? Don't underestimate the power of jewellery during this season. Statement gold earrings frame the face, brighten the complexion and bring life to an otherwise plain or monotonous item of clothing. Chunky gold bangles, too, can frame the wrists and bring a little extra to the party. Belts can also enhance the silhouette of a bold coat, if you prefer a more fitted feel, and I love styling mine with thin or chunky leather belts. And whilst we're at it, a good pair of gloves go a long way, too.




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